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By Samantha Bray

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day 2022. The theme for this year (as set by the World Federation for Mental Health) is “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”.

With that in mind, our friends at the mental wellbeing charity LawCare have launched their Tell Ten campaign. The campaign encourages people to tell ten colleagues or friends in the legal profession about LawCare’s work. You never know when someone might need support, and it may be a timely reminder (or introduction) to their vital services.

Following the same theme, the campaign highlights 10 reasons to reach out for support.

Lawcare tell 10 campaign

We have previously highlighted the charity’s important work (you can refresh your memory here). For all of its benefits, the stresses and strains of legal practice can take its toll. Self care must be a priority.

You can contact LawCare on 0800 279 6888, or email or access online chat and other resources at

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