Legal Ethics for Non-Lawyers

Working in a legal environment is not the same as a non-professional workplace. Lawyers and their staff are bound by professional duties which, if breached, can have serious consequences for the qualified lawyers and the firm – not least the reputational damage that could result.

Managing Law Firm Risks

Ensuring effective management of risks and compliance with regulation now need to be seen as priorities, not only to assure business resilience, but also to transform management of risk and compliance from what is often seen as a burden, into a benefit contributing to a law firm’s competitive advantage.

New Solicitors Accounts Rules 2019 – Understanding the changes

The SRA have recently introduced the new Solicitors Accounts Rules from 25 November this year. At first glance, the new rules seem to be a radical approach with 53 rules being cut down to just 13.

Professional Undertakings

Any statement is capable of being a professionally binding undertaking and they can be given by anyone. This means that the ability to recognise an undertaking is vital risk management for any legal practice.

Business Continuity Planning

A business such as a law firm can have its business severely disrupted or disabled by the occurrence of certain threats to its normal business operations, with potentially severe consequences for its clients, its people and its owners.

An Introduction to Conduct in Legal Office

Legal professionals are bound by rules of professional conduct. A failure to comply with these obligations can have serious consequences for the individuals involved and the firm. Our responsibilities to our clients go to the heart of the client relationship.

Dealing with Client Complaints

Client complaints are the ever-present issue of concern to all law firms. Lawyers are rarely negligent – most client complaints are about costs and communication.

The New SRA Standards and Regulations

The SRA’s new Standards and Regulations came into force on 25 November 2019 and replaced the 2011 SRA Handbook entirely. There are now two Codes of Conduct – one for firms and one for solicitors.

Price Transparency and Costs Information

SRA and CLC regulated law firms have been obliged to display costs information on their websites since December 2018. Analysis by the SRA shows that many firms are still failing to comply. Some firms will see the Transparency Rules as a burden – but they are here to stay.

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