Price Transparency and Costs Information


Lorraine Richardson


SRA and CLC regulated law firms have been obliged to display costs information on their websites since December 2018. Analysis by the SRA shows that many firms are still failing to comply. Some firms will see the Transparency Rules as a burden – but they are here to stay.

This practical course will consider how firms should comply but, also, how firms might use this as an opportunity. The course is not just for law firm managers and those responsible for website content. We will consider how staff can use the costs information to improve client expectations and maybe even to win more work.

Level – this course is aimed at all staff in a legal practice who need to understand the Transparency Rules – whether qualified or support staff. Anyone involved with giving costs estimates will find it useful, as well as those responsible for compliance.


  1. What do the Transparency Rules say?
  2. Why are they important?
  3. Are firms complying?
  4. How can staff use the costs information effectively?
  5. Practical examples.


Group session (max. 20 delegates)


3 hours

Trainer Profile

Lorraine Richardson (MA) Cantab is an experienced solicitor and freelance legal trainer, specialising in residential conveyancing. Lorraine has a wealth of experience in legal training in a variety of legal training organisations and both designed and delivered the Land Registry Qualification whilst with the College of Law. Lorraine has also designed and delivered many management-related courses including Client Care and Professional Standards, Management Courses Stage 1 & 2 and Presentation Skills.

Lorraine delivers bespoke courses for in house firms and also covers: compliance, legal skills and professional conduct. Lorraine is a co-editor of the popular and practical Law Society publication ‘Conveyancing Forms and Procedures’. Lorraine is a main contributor for the monthly update publication for practitioners, ‘The Practical Lawyer’.

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