New Solicitors Accounts Rules 2019 – Understanding the changes


Robert Blech


The SRA have recently introduced the new Solicitors Accounts Rules from 25 November this year. At first glance, the new rules seem to be a radical approach with 53 rules being cut down to just 13. This course looks at what these changes mean, and the impact that it will have on law firms. The SRA’s new approach goes far beyond the 13 accounts rules being based on an “outcome based” approach of risk and self regulation of law firms. The key risk areas that the SRA consider majorly important will be looked at in detail as well as what the future of this new regulation will look like.

This course will also look at how firms need to adapt to the new rules and what parts of the current rules are not changing.

COFA’s, principals of firms and those working in finance departments of law practices will find this course an invaluable tool to the changes which will be with us soon.


  1. Understanding the new definition of client monies;
  2. Distinguishing the new risk approach from the prescriptive nature of the current rules;
  3. Understanding self-regulation;
  4. Key areas of non-compliance detailed in the new rules.




Full day (although can be half day if required)

Trainer Profile

Robert Blech is a qualified accountant who has a law degree and legal background. Having trained in a central London firm, Robert has been a director at a North London accountancy practice for a number of years.  Robert acts for a number of solicitors and law firms preparing both their financial statements and Accountants Report as required by the SRA. Robert specialises in disciplinary and regulatory matters of law firms and has represented practices in high profile SRA investigations. Robert lectures and speaks at seminars regularly to firms of solicitors and trains accountants in the Solicitors Accounts Rules.

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