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An unprecedented insurance market

Compulsory professional indemnity insurance is one of the largest single overheads for most law firms. And the market is becoming ever more difficult to navigate.

The number of participating insurers is decreasing, meaning that the market capacity has been squeezed.

There has been a fundamental shift in risk appetite by insurers, fuelled by their exposure to global payouts as a result of economic events and hard to come by profit margins from the legal sector. This creates the perfect storm.

Insurers are increasingly picky about the risk sitting on their books. Solicitors are facing hiked premiums in the best case. Others are not able to secure insurance at all and have to sell or close.

Market cycles are part of the insurance industry. But this is the hardest market for at least twenty years.


You need a good insurance broker on your side

Actually, ‘good’ is not enough in these conditions. You need the best.

Most firms have used the same insurance brokers for years. Partly through inertia, partly not wanting to ‘rock the boat’.

But that means they are not necessarily getting the industry-leading advice or the best quotes. Some brokers take their accounts for granted. When was the last time yours properly went to the market?

How confident are you that your broker can properly advise on potential claims and help you through the claims process? Some brokers are little more than insurance sales people. The best are professional advisers.

How we can help

We have access to a complete range of insurance for solicitors, including:

Professional indemnity insurance (PII)

Cyber insurance

Freelance solicitor insurance

Commercial insurance

Our partner brokers will provide a free consultation to assess your needs and honestly assess whether they can do any better than your current arrangements.



We have worked with Ntegrity Professional Insurance for years and count them as an extension of our team. They were carefully selected by us because of our similar approaches to client service and professionalism.

For regulatory purposes Jonathon Bray Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Ntegrity Insurance Solutions Ltd for Professional Insurances.

Ntegrity Insurance Solutions Ltd is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct General Insurance Business. Their registration number is 467019, which can be checked on the Financial Services Register

We may earn a commission from insurance introductions.

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