Third Party Managed Accounts

What is a Third Party Managed Account (TPMA)?

A TPMA is essentially an outsourced client account. Rather than holding client money in a law firm’s own bank account, a fully regulated third party holds it to the firm’s order. The SRA Accounts Rules do not apply to money held in a TPMA.

As part of the more flexible Standards and Regulations, the SRA has officially made TPMAs an option for law firms.


De-risking a law firm

Holding client money comes with huge responsibility, administration costs and compliance burdens.

The Solicitor Disciplinary Tribunal deals with a conveyor belt of cases involving Accounts Rules breaches, handing out reprimands and fines to strike offs. If you transfer money to a scammer, that’s on you and your insurer. Client accounts need proper controls and systems in place to keep client money safe. You will probably need a dedicated cashier. And you will spend valuable time grappling with the SRA Accounts Rules. Client accounts also need to be audited annually.

That’s a lot of headache for very little gain.

By outsourcing this function to a third party, a law firm can concentrate on getting the transaction done for the client.


How to outsource a solicitor’s client account

Quite simply instruct a TPMA provider. They will seamlessly onboard you onto their platform so that you are ready to provide details to your client.

Is a TPMA suitable for all types of law?

Yes. TPMAs can be used for all types of transactions (including conveyancing).

How much does a TPMA cost?

The cost varies depending on the platform, but it will be significantly less than a legal cashier salary.

And of course what you are really buying is the peace of mind knowing that you do not need to worry about client money.

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