Legal Ethics for Non-Lawyers


Lorraine Richardson


Working in a legal environment is not the same as a non-professional workplace. Lawyers and their staff are bound by professional duties which, if breached, can have serious consequences for the qualified lawyers and the firm – not least the reputational damage that could result.

This practical course will introduce delegates to the ethics of being a lawyer and what this means for our relationship with our clients, our colleagues and others.

Level – this course is aimed at support staff, paralegals and secretaries but would be a useful refresher for qualified staff.


  1. What are legal ethics?
  2. What is professional conduct?
  3. What is a ‘profession’?
  4. Why do these things matter?
  5. How do I comply?
  6. What if something goes wrong?


Group session (max. 20 delegates)


3 hours

Trainer Profile

Lorraine Richardson (MA) Cantab is an experienced solicitor and freelance legal trainer, specialising in residential conveyancing. Lorraine has a wealth of experience in legal training in a variety of legal training organisations and both designed and delivered the Land Registry Qualification whilst with the College of Law. Lorraine has also designed and delivered many management-related courses including Client Care and Professional Standards, Management Courses Stage 1 & 2 and Presentation Skills.

Lorraine delivers bespoke courses for in house firms and also covers: compliance, legal skills and professional conduct. Lorraine is a co-editor of the popular and practical Law Society publication ‘Conveyancing Forms and Procedures’. Lorraine is a main contributor for the monthly update publication for practitioners, ‘The Practical Lawyer’.

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