Business Continuity Planning


Peter Scott


A business such as a law firm can have its business severely disrupted or disabled by the occurrence of certain threats to its normal business operations, with potentially severe consequences for its clients, its people and its owners.

Business continuity planning is an essential part of a law firm managing its risks. Planning is vital if a law firm is to be able to identify, and to assess, all the risks to which it is exposed and which may cause interruption to its business, to take measures to prevent or minimise those risks and to plan how to respond and recover as quickly as possible from an occurrence which interrupts its operations.

This full day course is designed to help those who have responsibility for ensuring operational business continuity in their firms to plan how to put in place practical plans designed to ensure the safety of their firms.

Level – advanced – for all those with responsibility for operational business continuity.


  1. Understanding what a business continuity plan should aim to achieve;
  2. How to identify and to assess risks which may cause business interruption to essential activities;
  3. Understand the processes for evaluating, prioritising and implementing responses to identified threats to the interruption of essential business operations;
  4. How to plan, implement, test and document recovery methods to restore essential business operations as quickly as possible;
  5. Understanding the need to assign responsibilities to individuals for business continuity planning and their individual business interruption – recovery tasks.




Full day

Trainer Profile

Peter Scott is a solicitor and former Managing Partner of Eversheds London and European offices. He acts as an advisor to law firms in relation to helping them to manage their risks and compliance as well as advising on their strategic, financial, performance and reward issues. He also presents a range of management courses, including on risk and compliance management and is often a speaker at risk and compliance conferences.

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