Managing Law Firm Risks


Peter Scott


Ensuring effective management of risks and compliance with regulation now need to be seen as priorities, not only to assure business resilience, but also to transform management of risk and compliance from what is often seen as a burden, into a benefit contributing to a law firm’s competitive advantage.

This one day course is for anyone in a law firm responsible for the planning, implementation and management of risk and regulatory compliance and is designed to provide those attending with practical guidance on which to operate.

Level – for anyone in a law firm responsible for the management of risk and regulatory compliance.


Topics to be covered in this course will include:

  1. Changing internal cultures and mind – sets to make management of risk and compliance more effective;
  2. How to identify and assess risk and compliance priorities in order to focus effort and resource;
  3. Understanding methods to control, monitor and review risk and compliance outcomes to prevent, reduce or mitigate future compliance failures;
  4. Understanding and managing the inter- connectivity impact of risk and compliance failures;
  5. How to resource the management of risk and compliance in the most cost – effective way;
  6. Using technology to systemise a firm’s risk and compliance management;
  7. Planning for recovery from a failure to adequately manage a risk.

Delegates attending this course are encouraged before the course takes place to let the trainer know of any particular learning outcomes they would like to achieve.


Group session


6 hours

Trainer Profile

Peter Scott is a solicitor and former Managing Partner of Eversheds London and European offices. He acts as an advisor to law firms in relation to helping them to manage their risks and compliance as well as advising on their strategic, financial, performance and reward issues. He also presents a range of management courses, including on risk and compliance management and is often a speaker at risk and compliance conferences.

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