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The Osiris Legal team has vast experience in criminal and family work. The firm provides a full legal service to its clients on a privately paying basis.  It also provides an innovative outsourcing solution, offering administrative support, casework preparation and litigation assistance to barristers and other solicitors.

Objectives of becoming an ABS
Osiris Legal’s objective was to gain an ABS licence, which has now been successfully realised.

From this point forward, the main goal is to develop the practice in a client friendly, transparent way, with streamlined systems to enable it to work as efficiently as possible.  Fixed fees are at the heart of the business.

The firm is able to do this as it is not run like a traditional law firm; it has bespoke IT systems, designed and developed to its own specification, which runs efficiently and effectively, enabling the day to day running of the practice to be as smooth as possible.  This is helped by the non-lawyers in the business, who do not have the law firm mentality of hourly rates and all the inefficiencies that entails.

Essentially, Osiris Legal has created a working environment that requires no administration staff.

The role of Jonathon Bray Legal Services
Jon project-managed the ABS application and guided the firm through the whole process, acting as the intermediary between Osiris Legal and the SRA.

“Jon was incredibly well informed and helpful and dealt with any queries that either we or the SRA had.  We were incredibly happy with the service we received from Jon.” Annie Hewitt, Director, Osiris Legal Limited.

What was the most challenging part of the process?
The application was not straightforward because Osiris Legal does not sit neatly within a “traditional” law firm model.  Risks associated with acting as an outsourced provider had to be addressed head-on.   Jon’s invaluable advice ensured that the Osiris Legal business model met the requirements of the SRA, which resulted in a successful application.

Osiris Legal is actively marketing its services and receiving a very positive response. The team is confident that the firm’s fresh and innovative approach will go from strength to strength.

Advice for other practices on ABS applications
The ABS application process can be relatively lengthy, and the best way to speed up the process is to submit a fully thought through application.  The firm should demonstrate that all of the key risks have been identified and addressed.

“Jon gave us great peace of mind that our application was drafted and submitted in the correct manner.” Annie Hewitt, Director, Osiris Legal Limited.

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