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We are keen supporters of the Cardiff Legal Walk, organised through the Access to Justice Foundation, but for obvious reasons the event is not going ahead as planned this year.

Like most charities, the Access to Justice Foundation’s fundraising efforts have been hammered by Covid-19.

You can help

Did you know that you can donate your unclaimed client account risk free? (Subject to SRA rules, of course).

The Access to Justice Foundation offers indemnities for all donations of unclaimed client accounts. This means that if your client resurfaces the Foundation will refund your donation.

Your firm can make a difference by donating to the Access to Justice Foundation in the knowledge that they will be supporting people in need of access to justice where the need is greatest.

And if you wish, you can choose to designate your donation to any part of the UK.

The Access to Justice Foundation are the only national charity solely focused on funding and supporting access to justice. The Foundation give grants to advice agencies across the country that provide legal advice on a range of issues such as employment, housing and domestic abuse. You can see the impact of their work here.

If you would like to find out more about how you can donate your unclaimed client money, please visit the Access to Justice Foundation.

For further information – contact Greg Hodder.

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