A new approach to dispute resolution

Offer a valuable litigation product to your clients without the cost or risk of setting up a department.

Many SMEs avoid bringing commercial claims due to financial risk, uncapped legal bills, and huge upfront costs. Litigation-by-the-hour can be very drawn-out with uncertainty about the return received for damages. Most claimants are lucky to net 50% of their damages, even in successful cases.

Instead, SMEs tend to write off what they are legitimately owed. This is a huge gap in access to justice for the SME market.

If you could offer your commercial clients a solution to improve their cashflow, how do you think that would impact on your overall relationship?

Thanks to our partnership with the multi-award winning Escalate you can now do exactly that.

We will set up a ‘virtual’ litigation department in your firm. What does that mean? Think of it like a department store concession. Your law firm is the department store. Inside the shop, your clients can access all sorts of legal services, most of which are supplied by you. The ‘concession’ in this case is an innovative commercial dispute product, powered by the Escalate team.


Offering the service in this way removes the regulatory and insurance risk from you, and there is no Work-In-Progress or disbursements to carry on your books.

And, you can benefit in the successful cases through a generous fee share – turning an untapped client base into a new income stream.

Plus, the Escalate litigation product can be co-branded, so you lose none of the relationship with your client.

If you have access to SME clients and are not offering them a solution to recover their late payments and bring other claims, you are not helping them. You are also leaving money on the table.

What is Escalate?

Escalate Disputes is a multi-award winning commercial litigation solution, born out of a huge gap in access to justice for SMEs. There is an estimated £40 billion written off every year by these businesses. That’s because the ‘traditional’ approach to dispute resolution is broken. It is slow, expensive, risky and incentivises the wrong behaviours.

The Escalate team realised that there is another way. By rebuilding the system and supply chain from the ground-up, they can offer a complete solution to SMEs. In a way that the client’s interests are aligned with the lawyer’s.

It’s not just about being an expert legal team (although that’s a big part of it). The Escalate product also includes funding, insurance and client protection.


What types of cases can be dealt with under the Escalate system?

Escalate has been proven to unlock cash in almost any commercial litigation case you can think of. Cases typically range from small late payment claims (under £50,000) to complex litigation (£500,000+) and everything in between.

The team specialises in both contract and negligence disputes in sectors ranging from professional services to property, construction, intellectual property, insolvency, tax, manufacturing, automotive and creative industries.

Can this be run in our existing litigation department?

Yes! An established team is well placed to take advantage of the Escalate opportunity. The product will become an important tool in your team’s toolbox. When clients come looking for your help you will be positioned as a problem solver. You can use your database of past clients to flush out claims that otherwise would have been written off.


A truly game changing product that has enabled us as a mere minnow to swim with sharks and hold them to account.

Gives SMEs real prospects of recovery without having to spend exorbitant legal fees or write off debt

The Lawyer Awards judging panel 2019

Innovation to fix a fragile commercial dispute market.

The Lawyer Awards judging panel 2019

The Escalate litigation product

Fully funded

Escalate funds all cases on a contingency basis. That means the client only pays if they win their case. Even better, they will always be the main beneficiary of the damages recovered – unlike traditional litigation where the client can be lucky to net half of the award.

100% Risk free

This is a fully insured process so essentially no win, no fee. Even if the claim is unsuccessful, the client is never on the hook for defence costs.

Fresh thinking

Being able to demonstrate funding and insurance can result in much speedier settlements. Defendants know from the outset that the Claimant is willing and able to litigate to trial. This is a strong incentive for all parties to come to the table.

Protecting your client

All cases are fully regulated by the SRA, meaning that your client benefits from the same level of regulatory protections that you can offer.

Risk-free for you

Since all cases are separately engaged by the Escalate litigation team, the regulatory and insurance burdens are removed from you. You won’t have to carry any of the costs or risks of litigation.

It’s very rare that law firms can add a revenue line without risk and cost.

Who else uses Escalate?

Once you decide to join our network, you will be in good company. Some of the largest regional professional services firms have demonstrated great success in becoming Escalate partners.

Making your life easier, saving you hours and giving you time to run your business.

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